Meet the characters

The Sheep Who Couldn't Sleep follows Sheep's journey through the fields around Hillside Farm. Here are some of the characters that he meets on his way.

Sheep Sheep
Sheep is the hero of the story, a young sheep who just can't sleep. There must be somebody who can help him, but who should he ask?

Caterpillar Caterpillar
Caterpillar follows Sheep wherever he goes. He's often to be found climbing trees, walking along fences or hiding behind flowers. See if you can spot him...

Ladybird Ladybird
Ladybird is Sheep's constant companion and friend to Caterpillar. She likes to get involved and gets onto every page that she can.

Bird lives up in the trees and wonders what everybody else is doing down on the ground. She may not be the best person to ask about how to get to sleep.

Rabbit lives underground, which sounds much nicer than it really is. Rabbit's home is much to small for sheep, though.

Fish rarely strays out of her pond and likes to sleep deep down in the water. Surely Sheep wouldn't want to share her pond?

Old SheepWise Old Sheep
Wise Old Sheep is both old and a sheep. This means he knows his stuff and is probably the one person that Sheep needs to be talking to.